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Repair & Services

M3 Digital Hub is your only choice for iPhone and electronic gadget repair in Singapore for various brands and models, such as Apple iPhone 7/ 6+/ 5S/ 5C

The services for iPhone we provide consist of:

  • LCD Replacement

  • Home Button

  • Power button

  • Charging Port

  • Back cover

  • Water Damage

  • Battery

  • Microphone

  • Speaker

Main-board/Motherboard I.C chips that become faulty and need replacement Mostly due to water/ shock impact drop/ overheating/ natural causes.

Below are the typical symptoms of a faulty motherboard :

  • Unresponsive touchscreen or lack of sensitivity

  • Phone becomes extremely hot when plugged in and it cannot charge

  • Can’t hear others or others can’t hear you during phone calls

  • Missing baseband and iMEI information

Dropping your iPhone into water required a urgent isopropyl bath to remove all excess moisture. Our technician will then do a full scrub of the motherboard to remove build up of rust before checking for lesser component damage. With our high success rate why worry?

  • Water spots (also called water marks or stains) on the screen;

  • Touch screen unresponsive or exhibiting unusual behavior;

  • Speaker or microphone distortion;

  • Phone entering an endless loop of rebooting;

  • Other components failing without another discernible cause;

  • Phone simply not turning on.

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