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Getting the best value for your repair?

Prices quoted in this page does not include *Discount*

Don't be shy to ask for one and if we can make it, we will give it

Inexperience hands may damage your phone?

All our in-house technician have a minimum of 3 years experience because we only engage the most skilled service engineer for our repair works.

Worry about your parts and data?

We provide on the spot repair whereby you can view the whole process of the repair!

General Laptop Services

OS Software Service

M3 digital hub macbook repair
  • OS Re-Installation or Upgrade Service

Laptop Hardware Services

M3 digital hub macbook repair
  • 500gb Hard Disk + OS installation

  • 1tb Hard Disk + OS installation

  • LCD replacement

  • Battery replacement

  • Fan Cleaning

  • Keyboard

  • Trackpad

  • Power Adapter

  • Ram upgrade

  • DVD

  • Motherboard 

    • No Power​

    • No Display

    • Blue Screen

    • White Screen

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